Creating opportunities

With More Open Studios

The Pop-Up Project was created in 2021 when a group of artists in the beautiful Southern Highlands in NSW wanted to have more opportunities to open their studio doors.

With the success of the first Christmas event in 2021 a collective was formed “The Popup Project”, we now support more than 30 artists and have networking events all year round, and our collective Studios open their doors each June long weekend for the three days!

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Journey around the highlands

With membership being all year round Artists and Creatives will be able to 'pop-up' and open their doors multiple times throughout the year. As a collective, artists and creatives will open each June long weekend where visitors can journey around the Highlands seeing multiple artists.

A founding group of Artists and Creatives collaborated to make this happen. With support from local business owner Erin Adams, from EA Experience, creatives can now “pop” up and open their doors all year round.

Supporting Our

Southern Highlands arts community

“Given how challenging the last few years have been, we believe the creating the Pop-Up Project and growing the membership this year will be a success, particularly with locals and visitors keen to support our Southern Highlands arts community.”

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Erin Adams, Pop-Up Founder

EA Experience

Erin has become an Arts and Culture native and a champion of supporting the development of the cultural landscape across our beautiful region. Erin utilises her relationship development skills, research,  social media and technologies. With a track record of creating and implementing successful education and development programs, Erin continues to support artists and businesses to create strategies that create and tell their stories.

Behind the Pop-U Project is EA Experience

Meet Our Growing Team!

There are a lot of hours that go into creating the Pop-Up Project, meet Monique Turczynski and Helen Cowen!

A Huge Thank You to Our Amazing Team and sponsors!

Thank you to this incredible team who dedicate their time, effort, and passion to support our local artists.

Ea Team

Our Growing Network

Sponsors, Artists, Industry Professionals, Curators

Financial Support: Our sponsors commitment to providing financial support has been a lifeline for us. Grants, donations, and project funding have allowed us to focus on creating a platform for our local artists. Your belief in our creativity has been invaluable!

We are dedicated to promoting our artists work and increasing our visibility the changes and reach we have had in 2.5 years is phenomenal! From managing our social media presence to organising exhibitions and securing media features, we have helped our art reach new audiences and opened doors to exciting opportunities.

Networking and Collaboration has meant local artists can connect and build relevant contacts, we have seen collaborations that have been game-changing. Through our network, we have met fellow artists, industry professionals, and curators who have enriched our artistic journeys.

We are growing our network for subsidised professional development. Workshops, masterclasses, and mentorship programs in the pipeline. We are committed to growth and providing resources like studio space and opportunities for development.

We look forward to growing the Pop-Up Project, please support us as we continue to create, inspire, and uplift one another. Together, we can make a lasting impact in the world of art!