Kristy Osseweyer’s artistic journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, passions, and a relentless commitment to creativity. Having honed her skills through an Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts in 2003, Kristy embarked on a remarkable adventure, traveling alongside the fire brigade and translating her experiences onto canvas. Her recent solo exhibition in Katoomba stands as a testament to her evolving artistic vision, showcasing her ability to capture the essence of her surroundings with vivid clarity. Prior collaborations in joint exhibitions in Bowral, alongside esteemed artists Ericka Baker and Peter Browne, have further enriched Kristy’s artistic repertoire, allowing her to explore new perspectives and techniques.

Beyond the realm of traditional exhibitions, Kristy has actively engaged in charitable endeavors, using her art as a catalyst for positive change. Her contributions to fundraising exhibitions for ‘Willo Industries’ and ‘Behind the Seen’ underscore her commitment to supporting causes close to her heart, particularly those addressing mental health within emergency service communities. Kristy’s artistic endeavors extend beyond the canvas, as she finds fulfillment in sharing her passion with others. As a primary school teacher, archaeology student, and aspiring art therapist, she is dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages through the transformative power of creativity. Through her painting workshops for children and adults in the local area, Kristy cultivates an environment where imagination flourishes and artistic expression knows no bounds.

Address: Fired-Up Images Unit 6, 68-70 Station Street, Bowral
Phone: 0412 999 440
Insta: @Kristylynosseweyerartistdesign
FB: @kristyosseweyer

Painting, Printmaking