Negin Chahoud explores her emotional journey as a refugee from Iran in her art practice. She gives voice to her courageous story through multi-layered, mixed media artworks on paper and paintings and creates intricate, semi-abstract artworks with a strong narrative.

Each element of Negin’s work is carefully selected including the process of which the paper or canvas has come to life. The staining, mark-marking, harsh and sometimes raw tearing and stitching are all meaningful to the narrative. Each piece not only showcases part of her history but also reflects on her journey to healing and the inspiration she draws from her natural surroundings.

Address: 14 Harley Street, Bowral
Phone: 0403 129 635   
FB: @neginchoudartist
Insta: @negin_chaoud

Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textiles