Stan was born in 1946 in post-war Germany to Russian parents and migrated to Australia in 1949. Encouraged by his parents, he pursued art early, earning a commercial art diploma in high school and a scholarship to the South Australian School of Art at 17. Stan studied under notable artists and had works featured in the Peter Stuyvesant Exhibition. Despite being offered a scholarship to the New York School of Contemporary Art, he chose to attend teachers college while continuing his art studies.

After a car accident in 1969, Stan left teaching to pursue music in Sydney, where he also published a comic strip. He exhibited pop art in 1978 and enrolled at Flinders University to study various subjects. Balancing music and art, he joined the band Mickey Finn, designing their promotional materials. In 1993, he moved to Bowral, signing a songwriting deal and continuing his art, including a commissioned painting for Michael Gudinski.

Address: Highland FM Gallery 10/40 Station St, Bowral



FB: @stan.korytnyj

Insta: @stankorytnyj

Drawing, mixed media, acrylic