Janine partnered up with Steve in the early seventies and they have been committed to making a life in the countryside (now known as The Southern Highlands) since 1976. They have built and fired many kilns over that time with their focus on wood firing. 

Since their workshop rebuild from the 2019 fire, Janine continues to make wheel thrown domestic stoneware fired in a gas kiln. She enjoys all manner of decorating techniques using colours, slips and carving methods. She hopes to imbue soul and simplicity into the next chapter of her working life.

Steve has travelled, studied and exhibited in Japan, Korea, China and the UK. and has an M.A. Hons and PhD researching ceramic raw materials of the Southern Highlands. This academic research has deeply informed my creative practice.

He has spent the last 20 years studying ‘sericite’ native porcelain stones around the world, and the  clay bodies and glazes that can be made from them.

Steve and Janine’s workshop has 17kW of solar PV, enough to power bisque and glaze firing kilns. However,Steve specialises in clean, short stoneware wood firing for my exhibition work. Environmental considerations are forefront in his creative thinking.

Address: 5 Railway Parade, Balmoral Village

Email: hotnsticky@ozemail.com.au Phone: 0413 000 019