Intuitive Watercolours; a creative evening at Green Door Studios in Robertson with Sarah Norton. Oct 18, 6-9pm.

Sarah Norton Green Door

Join us for an enchanting Intuition Watercolor Workshop, where the brush becomes a conduit to your inner wisdom and creative essence. Dive into a world of rich Australian bush colours and fluid strokes as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. 

Through guided exercises and intuitive techniques, you’ll unlock the power of your intuition, allowing it to flow freely onto the paper. We’ll be exploring Australian leaves for delicious colour and texture deep dives. 
With each brushstroke, you’ll tap into your innate knowing, exploring the depths of your soul and awakening your creative spirit. 

Let your intuition be your guide as you play with pigments, blend hues, and create masterpieces that reflect your unique vision. Join us and immerse yourself in the transformative magic of watercolors, as we connect, play, and awaken the artist within.

When:  Oct 18th

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Where:  Green Door Studio, Robertson 

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