Sarah Norton’s Intuitive Weaving in Exeter, Saturday 9th September 2023

Sarah Exeter

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Intuitive Weaving Exeter Sept 9, 10am-1pm Exeter Village Hall

Join me on this creative journey, where the art of weaving and the practice of deep listening converge, creating a sacred space for self-reflection, connection, and inner peace.

 In this immersive three-hour workshop, embark on a transformative journey that combines the art of weaving with the power of your intuition and your ancestral remembering’s. Immerse yourself in the gentle whispers of nature’s Bungalow Palm infloresences, as you quieten your mind and call in the now. You’ll unlock new dimension of awareness, attuning yourself to the subtle nuances and hidden messages that surround us. 

We’ll be using the very magical Bungalow Palm inflorescences. I’ll walk you through the foraging and harvesting of the material and then how to prepare it for weaving. And finally, we’ll explore basketry and random weave techniques so set you off on a journey of personal discovery. 

Through this practice, you will cultivate a profound sense of presence and deepen your connection to the present moment, the now and the timelessness of your soul. Through the rhythmic motion of your hands, you will not only create a beautiful sculptural form but also forge a deep connection with the world around you. Feel the peaceful echo of ancient wisdom reverberate within you, as you weave together mindfulness and craftsmanship.

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