Random Weave Vessels July 16th

Unnamed 13

Sarah Norton’s Random Weave Vessels Workshop

Sun 16th Jul 2023, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm AEST

Bowral NSW 2576, Australia

Click on the link below to gift yourself this time to explore you and your creative Self:


This workshop is your time to explore and create and play: You’ll connect to your inner creative self as you explore than ancient art of weaving and learn how to create something from foraged natural fibres using your hands, your imagination and your ancestral memories.

We’ll be using the very magical Bungalow Palm inflorescences to we’ve vessels limited only by your imagination. I’ll walk you through the foraging and harvesting of the material and then how to prepare it for weaving. And finally, we’ll explore basketry and random weave techniques so set you off on a journey of play and discovery.

All materials are provided, including wine and cheese. Just bring an open heart and you have everything you need. 

Sprinkle some delicious mindfullness via creativity into your world and witness the magic that spreads into your week.

Here’s what people are saying:- 

     “Fantastic experience. I loved the chance to work with my hands and it reminds me I need to do it more often!!”

    “What I loved was the inspiration of what we feel, not what we think we should be doing.” 

     “I’m walking away with more self admiration, more belief in my self; a new skill, relaxation and meeting new   humans. 

     “I loved connecting with the palm and to my hands and becoming more confident in its handling as I went along.”

     “Sarah, I loved your enthusiasm and love for what you do and your knowledge of your art. I loved the silence while     we created as everyone was deeply connecing in.”

I’d love to work with you, 

Big love, Sarah 

PS once you’re booked I’ll zip you the address and some further details.