Sarah Norton: A Day of Weaving Flow – in partnerships with the Australian Design Centre and Sydney Craft Week 2023. Oct 7, 10am-4pm

Sarah Norton Sydney Craft Week

Join me on this full day creative journey, where the art of weaving and the practice of deep listening converge, creating a sacred space for self-reflection, connection, and inner peace.

In this immersive workshop, embark on a transformative journey that combines the art of weaving with the power of your intuition and your ancestral remembering’s. You’ll unlock new dimension of awareness, attuning yourself to the subtle nuances and hidden messages that surround us. 

We’ll begin with the magical Bungalow Palm inflorescences. I’ll walk you through the foraging and harvesting of the material and then how to prepare it for weaving. Through the rhythmic motion of your hands, you will create a beautiful sculptural form as you forge a deep connection with the world around you. Following a delicious organics lunch on the grass at Clontarf Cottage, we’ll explore foraged grasses and basketry techniques. Again you will create sculptural forms with deep knowledge how how to forage and prepare to continue you on your journey. 

All materials will be supplied, just bring you and your open heart.

When:  Oct 7th 

Time: 10am – 4pm

Where:  Clontarf House, Darling St, Balmain

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