Art in the Southern Highlands with The Pop-Up Project


The Southern Highlands is a community naturally bursting with creative energy and in 2024, The Pop-Up Project is excited to harness that energy in a number of vibrant events. 

The local community is teaming with artistic talent in every field from music, to drama, dance, and of course, the visual arts. The Southern Highlands boasts a number of beautiful galleries, including the Ngununggula Regional Gallery and the BDAS Gallery in the heart of Bowral. As a result, the art community is proud to put the Highlands ‘on the map’ in a big way.

What We Do

With so much creativity to offer, it only made sense to further strengthen the art scene in the Highlands by coming together as artists to collaborate. So, in 2021, The Pop-Up Project was formed. The artists of this collective are more than just individuals expressing themselves; they are a vibrant community breathing life into our local art scene.

Like the name suggests, The Pop-Up Project gives artists the opportunity to “Pop Up” and open their studio doors across the Highlands throughout the year. Now, not only can the community admire and purchase the finished products, but they gain an incredible insight into the artist’s studios and their practices. As a result, The Pop-Up Project has reinvented how we see art by transforming it into an engaging experience and a treasure-hunt across our region.

The collective has established a sense of camaraderie and collaboration that permeates everything they do. In addition to opening their individual studios, The Pop-Up Project hosts group exhibitions throughout the year, as well as workshops and artist talks. From this, they have formed reciprocal relationships with local businesses, musicians and community organisations.

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Artist credit: @thestudioashby

Bring on 2024

This year, The Pop-Up Project is set to bring more opportunities to celebrate art than ever before. Thanks to our major local sponsor, Centennial Vineyards, the Southern highlands can enjoy art year-round in the vineyard’s Cellar Door, while simultaneously enjoying a glass of the best wine the region has to offer. The Pop-Up Project is kick-starting the year with a beautifully curated group exhibition, followed by monthly exhibits by individual members. 

Later in the year, The Pop-Up Project will be celebrating the June long weekend with exhibitions popping up across the region. This event attracts visitors from all over, encouraging them to explore every village of the Highlands by following the Pop-Up map to see each artist’s studio. In turn, the weekend helps to support local businesses of all industries including shops, cafes and restaurants.

So, the next time you find yourself wandering the beautiful Southern Highlands, keep your eyes peeled for the big, pink signs of The Pop-Up Project. You never know where our art might pop up next, but one thing’s for sure: it’s bound to leave a lasting impression on both your mind and your heart. 

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