How art trails are building pipelines of new gallery audiences

Artist credit @klasculpture

24 Apr 2024 Written by Jo Pickup for ArtsHub Artists’ open house art trails are often very popular events in their own right. But they are also a big win for galleries… Here’s why. When WA artist Ian de Souza and his wife Ros decided to open their Fremantle home for their first artists’ open […]

How to Select the Perfect Artistic Addition to Your Living Space


In the world of interior design, the incorporation of art serves to imbue living spaces with personality, depth, emotion and visual intrigue. As each stroke of paint or chisel mark represents a unique expression of creativity, selecting the perfect artwork entails a thoughtful process akin to crafting a masterpiece. There is an intricate interplay between […]

Art in the Southern Highlands with The Pop-Up Project


The Southern Highlands is a community naturally bursting with creative energy and in 2024, The Pop-Up Project is excited to harness that energy in a number of vibrant events.  The local community is teaming with artistic talent in every field from music, to drama, dance, and of course, the visual arts. The Southern Highlands boasts […]